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    All of a sudden this evening during my little one's 2 nursing sessions, I was unable to feel let down. When I nursed this morning and when I pumped twice at work I could feel it. Does this have any meaning?

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    Does this have any meaning?
    Usually, no. Many moms never feel letdown, many feel it strongly at first and then not at all later on, and some only feel it intermittently. Also the degree a mom may feel it varies from barely noticeable to very intense and painful. To me it would make sense to feel less letdown in the evening when many moms experience a normal and temporary ebb in milk production.

    But it is also possible that no longer feeling letdown might mean something more. It would depend on what else is going on.
    Do you have any reason to be concerned about your milk production or letdown? Many moms do run into issues with milk production after the return to work. There are many things that help to prevent or fix any issues there. If you are having any concerns about that and would like more input, it would help to know how old baby is, how many times in 24 hours baby nurses, how much baby gets in bottles when you are at work, how long your work day is and how often you pump at work, and how much you are usually able to pump at work, and if baby's weight gain is on track.
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    with the PP.

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