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Thread: Sudden increase in supply

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    Default Sudden increase in supply

    My lo is 9 weeks tomorrow and all of a sudden I have breast and nipple pain and an increase in supply. I am ebf. What would cause this? I've been having weird spotting also....

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    Default Re: Sudden increase in supply

    Spotting at 9 weeks could be the last gasp of your postpartum bleeding (lochia).

    An increase in supply could be due to any of the following:
    - a normal, likely temporary fluctuation
    - baby going through a growth spurt and nursing more
    - pumping more (if you've been pumping?)
    - consuming some sort of galactogogue (substance that increases milk- this could be anything from a prescription medication to an herb to ordinary oatmeal)
    - hormonal issues (this is the least likely option)

    Breast or nipple soreness is another thing that has a lot of potential causes. Can you describe what you are experiencing a bit more thoroughly? That may give us a clue about what the cause is.

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    Default Re: Sudden increase in supply

    For me, increased milk supply was often due to hormonal shifts. I get more milk on or around my period, and slow letdowns/less milk during ovulation. Also, whenever I have spotting it was always hormonally caused. When I had the last licks of lochia that came out at 12 weeks or so, it was actual blood, almost like a period. Not mere spotting.
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