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Thread: 3 month old eats all night

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    Default 3 month old eats all night

    My 3 month old had been sleeping and eating reasonably well until about 2 weeks ago when she started having 5 minute meals every 2 hours (sometimes even 4) during the day, and every 1.5 hours during the night (sometimes she goes 3.5 hours without waking up at night, but she used to go for 6 hours...).
    I keep feeling that she doesn't eat enough (also at night she has 5 minute meals) but if I try to get her to eat more she just cries, apparently she really is not hungry after that. She seems happy and healthy and her doctor says her weight gain is fine but I'm just really really tired!
    Diaper output:
    Wet diapers: 6 a day
    Soiled diapers: 6 a day( usually yellow, healthy looking poo, maybe once every two weeks she'll have bright green poo)
    Weight history:
    Birth (August 6th): 3.570
    August 23rd: 3.990
    September 27th: 4.940
    October 6th: 5.420
    November 2nd: 5.990

    I would very much appreciate any advice! Thanks in advanced.

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    Default Re: 3 month old eats all night

    I don't have time to parse the numbers right now, but let's assume weight gain is normal. In that case what you're describing I hate to tell you is entirely normal and in fact pretty common.
    This age is notorious for major changes in breast-feeding and sleep pattern behavior. It is just not true that babies progressively lengthen their sleep stretches as time goes on. Many 3, 4,5 etc. months old are sleeping much shorter stretches than they did when they were younger. It's just normal.
    This was the age I gave up trying to have my oldest baby in the bassinet and begin bedsharing. Personally that made life a lot easier for me. Of course there are many ways to try to maximize your own sleep when baby is waking frequently. This won't be forever but it may be the new normal for a while.

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    Default Re: 3 month old eats all night

    I went through this not too long ago when my LO was 3.5 months. It lasted for 5 weeks....I was very tired. Then she started sleeping 3-4 hr chunks again and it was wonderful! This week we're back to sleeping 2 hours at a time. Google "4 month sleep regression" and this is what was/is going on. Baby is learning new skills like rolling over, growing at a tremendous rate, developing her sleep cycle and brain patterns, and who knows what else. Just take things day by day and try not to obsess about the sleep you're not getting. I know, this is hard. I have been sleep deprived all week and complaining about it to anyone who will listen. But it will (hopefully) pass. Sooner rather than later, fingers crossed!

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