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Thread: 6 month old breastfed baby constipated?

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    Default 6 month old breastfed baby constipated?

    Hi, I apologize for the gross details in advance.

    I've always thought that breastfed babies don't get constipated, but my 6 month old definitely is. He has always been an infrequent "pooper" but since starting solids it has become worse. We are lucky if he goes within 7 days, and the closer he gets to 10, he becomes crankier and in obvious discomfort. I know he's constipated, because by the time he does finally go, it's hard and he strains.

    My ped recommended pear juice, which didn't help much. I've given him prunes and he loves pears. I've stopped giving him any oatmeal cereal or bananas. My older child was formula fed, and he never had this issue, so I'm at a total loss.

    What can I do to help him go? I'd really like to avoid suppositories or medication. His next ped appt is next week, but I'd really like to get y'all's advice on this. Thank you.

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    Default Re: 6 month old breastfed baby constipated?

    Avoid BRAT foods - bananas, rice, apples, toast. Also avoid baby cereals, as I see you've stopped.

    How much solid food is baby getting? I'd suggest stopping completely except for "p" foods. Peaches, plums, pears, aPricots. Nurse as much as possible! I probably would skip juices, but that's because the fiber in the actual fruit helps the bowels move stuff along. The juice is really just the sugar and vitamins.

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    Default Re: 6 month old breastfed baby constipated?

    Exclusively breastfed babies do not get constipated, or in any case it would be highly unusual. Once a child starts solids, they are no longer exclusively breastfed. Many babies get constipated when they start solids. Also, while an exclusively breastfed (or nearly so) baby may have infrequent poops as a normal experience, once baby is eating daily solids, infrequent poops are probably signaling a problem. Certainly if they are hard and baby has had discomfort and has had to strain a lot to go, that indicates constipation.

    I agree with midnightsangel. I would also suggest, since your baby is so young, you could also choose to eliminate solids altogether for a while longer. Sometimes the lips say "yes yes" but the bowels say "not yet!"

    Dr. Sears has a nice article: http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/hea...constipation-2 Sears does suggest glycerin suppositories. (as one of many suggestions.) I do understand wanting to avoid them, personally we were misdirected by a pediatrician in their use with my oldest and consequently used them too often and incorrectly (baby was actually not constipated, just a normally infrequent pooper.) However, I think when used appropriately, in a case where baby is really uncomfortable and needs help passing the stool, this is not a bad idea as long as it is infrequent. But there are many other suggestions that you can try if you wish to avoid those.
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