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Thread: Supply Questions

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    Ive read that most women's s supplies regulate to where they only make what their child needs, yet all of my friends and fam currently nursing make 8 or so ounces every 3-4 hours. And these aren't mama's to new borns... Their babies are anywhere from 2-7.5 months old.
    I am really curious-how many people are we talking here, and how do they know they are making that much...do you mean that is what they pump while separated from baby? pumping once, twice?

    Since I am a sahm, I know lots of other sahm's, who never or very rarely pump. So most of the moms I know personally, have absolutely no idea how much milk they make...and they 'successfully' breastfeed. Certainly I have never had a good idea how much I 'make.'

    I think you have worked waaay too hard to let the possibly way out of the norm experiences of a few other mothers get you down.

    On the other hand, I think it is a good idea to get your thyroid checked, given your history of slower than average baby weight gain.

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    So, of the girls I wrote to, only a few of them wrote back. They're all still on maternity leave or are SAHMs. One had an oversupply and got hers down to about 2-5oz per pumping (1 let down). Another who is a SAHM claims her LO eats every 2-4 hours... she'll occasionally pump so her mom or someone else can feed the baby, and when she pumps she gets about 4.5oz per side. My cousin gets 6-7oz from one side and 3-4 out of the other per pumping. I make about the same as the other two moms I asked. Also, if any of you follow The Leaky Boob on FB, there was just a long post with lots of responders on this topic... well, kind of. Pumping output, specifically.

    Anyway, LLLMeg, you're right. I shouldn't be letting this bother me. I'm going to try to do some weight feed weighs again to make sure that he's getting the full 28-30oz. For what it's worth, I also started taking the galactagogues again. Perhaps for a few days, I'll even pump for five-ten minutes after nursing for the extra stimulation.

    What do you guys do to ensure that your baby empties you in the middle of the night?

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