hi again, ok just got back from the pediatrician (now daughter is 4 mo old) and she is gaining well...she is currently 12 lbs 11 oz! yeah!!

ok, so answer the Qs above:
-I am suspicious about the difference in weights as you pointed out...they WERE different scales--one for a walk in clinic which I think is not as realiable, and one from a breastfeeding clinic that is more relaiable since they weigh babies all the time. so the most recent weights are the accurate ones. she is always naked for the weigh-ins
-there is a breastfeeding doctor here in toronto ontario...infact there are two clinics that I know of that have BF doctors. here is a link to the website for the clinic I went to:
for anyone in the area, you should keep this info handy...they are awsome!!! they also have lactation nurses there and there is one who is really knowledgeable and helpful!
-I was nursing q2hrs and not really on cue--I would nurse on a pattern before she got fussy. however now I nurse her about q3hrs. if I try sooner she actually cries and doesnt want to nurse. or she will nurse but only a snack and then will be off her "routine". she is a baby that likes routine I can tell now.
-I do think nursing at night may have helped but then it may have decreased her desire to nurse during the daytime. I think part of it was a bad scale at that walk in center and maybe growth spurts! sometimes ya never know!!

thanks for the input! what a journey this BF is!! hehe