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Thread: Pumping for 45 minutes!

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    Question Pumping for 45 minutes!

    I know that I'm lucky to work in an organization that is supportive of my pumping schedule. I'm lucky to have a locking door on my office. Saying that, I feel like my colleagues' and my own patience are wearing thin. My little man (4months old) still usually feeds for at least an hour every 2-3 hours when I'm not at work (3 oz expressed milk every 2-3 hours while I'm at work). This also is inconvenient (don't live somewhere where it is socially acceptable to breastfeed in public) but very doable. My problem is the pumping. I have to pump 35 - 50 minutes a session. Often my letdown only occurs at the 20 or 30 minute mark, and that is never more than a drip. In the morning, at work, I usually pump 3.5 - 5 oz and in the afternoon I usually pump 2.5 - 4 oz. I go home to feed my lil one at lunch and pump one more time after he goes to sleep, usually 1.5 - 2.5 oz. A majority of my home time is spent feeding him. I double pump with the Ameda Purely Yours... Using the 25 mm flanges. Have tried all 3 standard size flanges and the 24 mm inserts (my nipples measure about 20 mm but increase in size with feeding or pumping). I'm still waiting on the 21 mm inserts to come in the mail, but am not hopeful. Is there anything else I can do to increase efficiency in pumping? I try to eat well, drink lots of water, drink mothers milk tea, and take more milk plus. Am I supposed to do more than drip? I truly appreciate any advice.

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    Oh, and I've been back at work since my lil guy was 9 weeks old, so this is not a question of body being new to pumping (I wish). Thanks again for any thoughts you share.

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    Have you tried doing breast compressions while you pump? I know some women have better output when they do that. The only other thing I can think of is to try to rent a hospital grade pump to see if that's more efficient for you.

    Hopefully some of the more experienced pumpers will have some other ideas!

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    I think your problem could well be the pump. The APY is a lightweight pump, made for a mom with an established supply who also responds well to pumping. I'd consider either trading up for a Medela Pump in Style or comparable machine- I think the Hygeia brand is called the Enjoye?- or renting a hospital-grade pump for a while.

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    My IBCLC advised me not to pump more than 15 minutes per session. I would definitely look into a better pump.
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    I agree with the others, you need a different pump. The Ameda Purely Yours isn't up to the job you're asking it to do. I would get a let-down within 2 minutes using the Medela Pump In Style, but some women just respond better to the pump than others. In your case, it might be worth renting a hospital grade pump, since it sounds like you don't respond that well to a pump in the first place.
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