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Thread: Hindmilk/formilk imbalance, oversupply, forceful letdown?

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    Default Hindmilk/formilk imbalance, oversupply, forceful letdown?


    Baby #2 is 12 weeks old today and is gassy and uncomfortable most of the day and night. I've cut dairy, tomatoes, citrus, soy, onion, garlic, peppers and all seasonings except salt and black pepper for 2 months now (added soy back after one month of no change). She has consistent watery, mucosy, green stools. Her bowel movements are always explosive. She cries for about 3 hours every evening usually around 8-11pm. However, she is fussy and obviously in discomfort all day. You can hear her stomach gurgle from across the room. She also has very stiff muscle tone throughout the day and I have NEVER seen either of my kids look "milk drunk" or super relaxed.

    She exclusively BFs about every 2 hours. I leak at every feeding or when she cries (I still wear breast
    pads 24/7). I let her eat as long and as often as she wants. I also burp 2-3 times during feedings (she is a horrible burper). I also block feed. She gets only one breast at each feeding and if she's "snacking" then I keep to one breast for 2 hours. My breasts are often engorged, I spray all the time, she always gags and chokes and fusses at the breast often.

    Baby #1 had horrible colic until around 9 months old when I stopped BFing completely. She only started getting a little better around 6 months when I began supplementing with formula. She was never comfortable, never happy and smiling. Now at almost 2 years old she's just super high maintenance and sensitive, but VERY happy.

    My maternity leave ends today and I start working 12 hour shift tomorrow again. I am soooooo tempted to switch to formula. Please help me to keep BFing! I don't want to give up, but I HAVE to get some sleep to function at my job in a hospital.
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    Default Re: Hindmilk/formilk imbalance, oversupply, forceful letdown

    I am sorry you are having such difficulties! I am also sorry you have eliminated so much from your diet. IMO this sounds like classic overproduction/forceful letdown and addressing THAT rather than your diet will hopefully help.

    This is the best article I know of about forceful letdown. It may not cover everything but it will definitely get you started. I suggest, read it carefully and try everything that makes the least bit of sense for you. http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

    One misunderstanding about block feeding is that it is a strategy for forceful letdown. It is not. It is a strategy for overproduction, in that, it will (if it works) reduce milk production. Sometimes the ‘blocks’-nursing on one side at a time for two or more feedings-have to be fairly long, but nursing should still be frequent. It can take time- maybe even several weeks-to tame true overproduction. It is only once it is tamed that the forceful letdown will hopefully become less of an issue. That is why also using the strategies specifically for helping baby handle the forceful letdown as well is so important.

    Also, block feeding is not the only way to deal with overproduction. If it is not working, there are other methods that can be tried

    If the issue is food allergy, which is pretty rare, the medical recommendation from the Academy of Breastfeeding medicine (breastfeeding knowledgeable doctors) is to continue breastfeeding while working on what the problem is. See this protocol http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...ish_120211.pdf

    I hope this helps. I know you are frustrated but lots of us here have struggled with overproduction, and I promise there are many remedies besides weaning to deal with it!

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    Default Re: Hindmilk/formilk imbalance, oversupply, forceful letdown

    Im also having issues with forceful letdowns and it is definitely tiresome at 3 in the morning.... Im attempting to work with my DS but so far... Its not working too well. I feel so bad for him he seems to get so upset. Hopefully for both of us, we can figure it out soon.

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