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Thread: Only sleeping for an hour at night

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    Default Only sleeping for an hour at night

    My 7 week old daughter is not taking enough milk during her night feeds to last her for more than an hours sleep. Until a week ago, she was feeding for about an hour (feed, burp, feed, nappy change, feed, cuddle to help sleep) and then sleeping for about 3 hours. So a feed finishing at 11pm meant she'd wake at 2am and then again at 6am.
    For the last four nights, she has taken a big feed in the evening, but when she has woken around 1:30am, she is so sleepy that she will only feed for 10 minutes before falling asleep, and nothing will encourage her to wake back up and continue feeding. She then will sleep for about an hour before waking hungry and then falling asleep after ten minutes feeding. This pattern repeats itself throughout the night until about 8am when I get up. Is there anything I can do to get out of this pattern?

    Other info:
    She is thriving: putting on weight, filling nappies, awake in the day with naps.
    I am feeding/sleeping on demand.
    I feed her at night in her sleeping bag (she also wears vest and babygro).

    Can anyone offer any advice please?

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    Default Re: Only sleeping for an hour at night

    I hate to say it, but she sounds like a totally normal baby. Both of my kids nursed every 1-3 hours at night at that age.

    One thing that could be causing the frequent wakings is the 6 week growth spurt- your baby could be going through it a little later than average.

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    Default Re: Only sleeping for an hour at night

    Growth Spurt. Marathon feeding at night. NORMAL.

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    Default Re: Only sleeping for an hour at night

    I agree it's probably a growth spurt. Phases come and go. Once you get adjusted to the LO's routine, they change it! I know it's awful but it's really a very short time in their lives. Maximize your rest, sleep when baby sleeps, eat healthy. You coils play with her clothes though. I found ds sleeps best in just a diaper or a cotton tshirt. But when growing or teething that made zero difference.

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    I agree with pps-yes this could be normal-certainly only wanting to nurse 10 minutes is normal assuming baby is growing well. But I think zaynethepain may have hit on it. -Do you think baby may be so restless due to feeling hot or confined in the sleeping bag? My kids (well, kid, we only tried it with the oldest) hated those things.

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    Going through the same thing with 8 week old!!!! Last night I finally just stopped looking at the clock and fed on demand all night. We were off work today so baby and I stayed in bed until 10 nursing and napping while hubby took care of our older children! It helped a lot! I do have to say the co sleeping certainly is a sanity saver! I still feel rested in the morning even though it feels like we nursed constantly lol!

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