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Thread: poop not always seedy?

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    Default poop not always seedy?

    is that ok? they are always yellow but not always seedy.

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    Default Re: poop not always seedy?

    I think so. As long as your lo is healthy I wouldn't worry about it HTH

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    Default Re: poop not always seedy?

    I understand that the seeds are milk curds, or undigested milk, so I think it's fine if it's seedy or not. My first DD ( formula fed) always had seedy poop and 2nd DD never did...Collin sometimes does..lol. Isn't funny how we always take notice of whats in their diaper!? How many times have you looked in a diaper and said "WHAT THE..." lmao

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    Default Re: poop not always seedy?

    The seeds are actually just milk curds that hasn't been digested completely. It's fine if baby's poo doesn't have them. As she gets older they will disappear altogether.

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