My LO is 13 months old and nursing is going very well, but 3 weeks ago I saw I had a white spot on my nipple, I didn't hurt or anything but then I saw it grew bigger so when I looked into Kelly Mom i saw it was a milk blister, I carefully opened it with my fingers (like a pimple) and I was able to see milk coming out from it. It thought it was going to heal by itself but it doesn't go away, I have opened it several times and now it is getting bigger and it looks like when you get a pimple over an old pimple kinda. But what is really worrying me is that now every time I nurse that breast it hurts during the feeding session but it hurts a lot more AFTER, so I also read it could be thrush, how can I know? I don't see other sings of thrush in me or my baby, help! thanks!