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Thread: Do I need to wean my baby?

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    Well...if we are going down THIS road. I was never able to get pregnant again even with YEARS of trying and $$$ spent on treatments. Which makes me sad. But I take some comfort in the fact that I didn't wean him early. Because if I would have weaned him before he was ready and still ended up with no baby that would have burned extra I think.

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    I'm guessing daycare will get you your period back. I got mine back long before night weaning or even establishing any firm limits. Both times. Not only will daycare keep her away from your breasts long enough for some hormonal changes, it will also encourage her to do things like eat when she's hungry, play when she's bored, and other such alternatives to nursing for the various reasons kids nurse, so it will be easier to cut back even a little more if you find you need to do so. But if daycare doesn't work, hang out with some fertile 20-something year old ladies and get in sync with them.

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