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Thread: Multiple painful lumps on one breast after nursing

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    Default Multiple painful lumps on one breast after nursing

    I've been nursing for 17 months now. We've had a pretty good nursing relationship thus far. I've been having nagging problem with one of my breasts for about two months now. At that point we were nursing about 2-3 times a day. First it started with what looked like a milk bleb. I tried everything, compresses, warm showers, nursing more often, starting on that side, different positions, etc. The bleb finally went away but still (2 months later) there is a spot where you can see an unhealed hole.

    The past week or two I've been having shooting pains in my breast to varying intensities. Last night it felt like barbed wire up in there. Just recently we went down to 2 nursings per day and within the last day or so only 1 per day. I went to the dr because I freaked out one day I noticed a large raised area after she nursed. It was about 1/2 inch to an inch. Of course I go to the dr and she does a breast exam and says everything's fine. And I say, well it hurts like hell, it's not normal. She again says its fine and writes me off.

    Tonight, I looked at my breast closely after our night nursing. I notice 3-5 of the large raised lumps around my aereola and what looked like puckered/dimpled skin. Of course it has me freaking out that I have breast cancer or something. It doesn't hurt quite as bad tonight but I popped a preemptive advil.

    Anyone have any ideas? Recommendations on what type of dr to go next for help? I really don't want to go back to my same ob/gyn b/c I think she'll just blow it off again.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this long post and for your ideas. I would love to wean my daughter more slowly but I really can't take the barbed wire feeling!

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    Default Re: Multiple painful lumps on one breast after nursing

    Update... By 3 hrs after nursing the lumps were red and the raised areas had gone down. 5 hrs after nursing the breast looks almost normal.

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    Default Re: Multiple painful lumps on one breast after nursing

    Welcome to the forum! The first thing I would suggest that you do is to keep nursing. What you describe sounds like it could be some sort of infection, and if it is, the best thing for it is to keep milk moving through the breast. When milk just sits in the breast, or you get full/engorged from abrupt weaning, that gives infection more of a chance to really set up in the breast.

    Second, watch yourself carefully for signs of mastitis, which include fever, chills, aches and pain, malaise, pain in the breast, tender lumps in the breast, and red spots/streaks on the exterior skin of the breast. If you see any of those- especially fever- go see your GP and discuss antibiotics.

    The crack/hole on your nipple may have been a conduit for infection. I would treat that with a combination of Bacitracin ointment and 1% hydrocortisone cream (use pea-sized amount, mixed and applied using a clean finger).

    Shooting pain in the breast is sometimes linked to thrush, which is a yeast infection. Signs of thrush:
    - Mom may have vaginal yeast infection
    - Baby may have oral thrush or yeast diaper rash (pediatrician will be able to recognize either of those)
    - Mom or baby may have had a recent course of antibiotics (abx often result in an out-of-whack microbial flora, which can allow yeast to overgrow)
    - Mom experiences itching, burning, or shooting pains in between feedings
    - Mom may notice nipples which appear more red/pink than usual
    - Mom may notice shiny, flaking, dry-looking, peeling skin in the nipple/areola
    - Mom may have cracks, often small and slit-like and radiating around the nipple

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    Default Re: Multiple painful lumps on one breast after nursing

    Hi! thanks for the welcome and your reply. I did end up seeing my primary care dr. yesterday who prescribed an antibiotic (Cephlexin 500 mg 4x daily for 7 days). Out of an abundance of caution I'm also going to a breast care specialist on Thursday because the symptoms sound a bit like Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which presents similar to mastitis but with an orange peel texture to skin, etc. Hopefully it's nothing, but I don't want to take any chances as its a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer.

    Neither of us have symptoms of thrush - other than the pain and perhaps a crack on the nipple. I'll give the Bacitracin and hydro a try for the nipple.
    Thanks again.

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    Another update in case it helps people later... Breast specialist thought pain was from nipple cuts/cracks and gave rx for APNO.seems to be helping already. I'd never heard of it. Apparently it is very similar to mommal's DIY suggestion. I bet that version is a lot cheaper than the $25 copay
    Thought lumps were just clogged ducts.

    Thanks again Mommal

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    Default Re: Multiple painful lumps on one breast after nursing

    Thanks for the update! Glad to hear the specialist thought that there was nothing too serious going on.

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