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Thread: DH lost job, I gotta work!!

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    Default DH lost job, I gotta work!!

    Hi all,
    DS just lost his job two days ago. I was working as well but only 10-20 hours per week. Now I have to pick up full time hours starting in two days. I only have 12 ounces pumped!!! I feed DS on demand so I only get 1-2 ounces when I pump. DS is four months and EBF. His Dr gave me formula just in case I need it. I don't want to give him formula but I am afraid I may be forced to in this situation. How am I suppose to start getting a good stash going? I also have my period and my supply has dipped. We co-sleep and I BF whenever he needs. I made lactation cookies and statred taking feenergreek. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: DH lost job, I gotta work!!

    Sorry about your DH's job!

    12 oz is probably about what your LO will need for your first full-time day at work. So you have the first day covered, and that's great! I would pump like crazy over the next 2 days, and hope for the best. Pump after every feeding, pump right after your LO goes to sleep. And make sure you have the right pump for the job- now that you're going to be in the workplace full-time, you need a good double electric pump, if you don't already have one.

    If you start running short on milk, and you can see that you're going to have to use formula, try introducing some before you run out of breastmilk. If your baby will take straight formula, great. You can do separate breastmilk and formula bottles, feeding the milk first and using the formula for top-ups. That way if your baby doesn't finish a bottle, it's only formula going down the drain- and FTR, unfinished formula bottles can't go back into the fridge, unlike unfinished breastmilk bottles. If your baby won't take straight formula- and some won't, due to the taste- it may be necessary to introduce it to him by mixing it with breastmilk. Try starting with a small 80% breastmilk, 20% formula bottle and gradually increasing the amount of formula in the bottles until baby will accept a plain formula bottle.

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    Default Re: DH lost job, I gotta work!!

    Yeah don't panic. You don't really need a huge freezer stash. Just enough to get through the 1st day. The idea is that you will pump enough while away to cover the next day. And if you aren't feeding on demand but rather pumping at set times you will probably yield much more per session.

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    Default Re: DH lost job, I gotta work!!

    I am really sorry about your husband's job loss. I'm sure that is hard on all of you, in many ways.

    With regard to your question, I agree with djs.mom -- you really only need enough for the first day and it sounds like you do. Then, on day 1 you pump for day 2, day 2 for day 3 and so on. I have never had a freezer stash and we've been BFing while working for 7 months now. I did find it nice and reassuring to have one extra day's supply and if you keep pumping more each day for a few days, you should be able to build that up. My main suggestion would be to store the milk in small quantities -- like 1-2 ounce portions (either in the freezer or in a bottle). That way if LO doesn't eat it all, you can freeze it at day's end to add to your stash. There are definitely some days when my LO ate loads and others when he ate less. And, I always hated it when my husband would prepare a huge bottle and would leave leftovers that we couldn't then freeze to add to the stash!

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    Default Re: DH lost job, I gotta work!!

    I had a lot of trouble pumping enough while away at work, but I managed by pumping one breast when I woke (leaving the other for baby) and pumping again after she went to bed. Maintaining the morning and evening pumping sessions even on the weekends gave me enough wiggle room to build up a small freezer stash over time. I only have about 15oz in my freezer stash right now and we don't touch it unless I swap a bottle out for my husband to take with him somewhere. When I first went back to work I panicked thinking I had to have 60oz or whatever in the freezer. As PP said, you don't really need a freezer stash at all.

    It also might be good to know that you'll get more efficient at pumping too. I was terrified because I kept coming up 2oz or whatever short, but you can play with it by adding more pumping sessions or longer sessions to get a second letdown or whatever.

    Finally, make sure whoever is taking care of your baby knows how much to give BF babies. Most caregivers in my experience overfeed, which can lead to pumping exhaustion and supply issues.

    Good luck!

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