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Thread: 5 Month Old - No poop two weeks

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    Question 5 Month Old - No poop two weeks

    Hello! My daughter is five months old and goes days without pooping. She has gone 10 days a couple of times, and then she'll go three times that day, all normal BMs. However, this time we are on day 17!! She is happy for the most part (she just had a tooth pop through), her tummy is soft, she's still EBF, passing gas, has plenty of wet diapers. I spoke to my beloved lactation consultant and she said although this is a long time, that it sounds normal for this stage, since she is acting happy. I have given her a little bit of prune juice with water, as directed by her pediatrician. They want me to give her a suppository, but I really don't want to do that, because I don't think she's constipated. Has anyone else gone through this? This is new territory for me, because my older daughter pooped daily. Thanks for reading!

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    It's funny how different babies can be when it comes to their elimination patterns! My first kid could go a week or more between poops when she was an EBF baby, but my second was a multiple-times-per-day pooper until she was eating a ton of solids.

    17 days is a really long time to go without pooping. A week is normal for an EBF baby, up to 2 weeks is not uncommon... But you're going on 3 weeks. I am sure all is well, because after all your baby is happy and her tummy is soft. Still, I think I personally might be willing to take the doc's recommendation at this point, and give the suppository. At the very least I'd give the baby a nice warm bath, maybe right after she eats, and see if she relaxes enough to get a poop out- that always worked for my kids. You'll have to clean the tub, but I'd rather do that than stick a suppository up my kid's bottom.

    Hope it's all moot, and that she already pooped!

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    Thanks for your response. I'm going to have to take action today. Unfortunately, baths are more of an athletic event for LO than a time for relaxation...she kicks until there is water everywhere! Thanks again!

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