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Thread: supply dissapeared in a few days of son being sick

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    Default supply dissapeared in a few days of son being sick

    So I was sick with a pretty bad cold a week and a half ago, four days ago, my son started up with a cough and for the last 3 days he has been pretty bad...losing his appetite somewhat and having issues with breathing while nursing with his stuffy nose. Anyway my supply has dissapeared in 2 days. My breasts didn't fill up in 10 hours overnight when they Max out usually in 7. They feel flacid and aren't letting down much. On top of losing my milk, My son wont even take his supplement via sns at feedings so he has been getting next to nothing for the last 2 days. He just sits there with the nipple lightly sitting in his mouth and doesn't suck. I am on domperidone for low supply and I just started adding funegreek, and more milk plus to hopefully save it. Is this common when babies get sick, to have supply issues. Will it rebound when he gets better?
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    Default Re: supply dissapeared in a few days of son being sick

    Yes, it ought to come back. Supply=demand. Add a couple pumping sessions in if you can. All the drugs in the world won't save a supply if milk is not being removed.
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