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Thread: daytime nursing has always been a struggle for us.

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    Default daytime nursing has always been a struggle for us.

    anyone else out there have a little one who hates to nurse if he/she isn't ready for a nap or bed? juniper likes to nurse only when she wants to sleep, so before naptimes and before bedtime, and when she wakes me in the night. otherwise, i can't really get her to daytime nurse.
    it was like this for us even when she was 3+ months old! what the heck?!
    i've been reading threads on other sites where women talk about nursing baby when she wakes from nap, but juniper only wants to jump and play and goof off. she will not be laid back down. this makes getting many nursing sessions squeezed into our day pretty difficult.
    anyone else have this experience?

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    Default Re: daytime nursing has always been a struggle for us.

    Yes! My daughter has also been this way since about 3 months. She'll nurse awake, but very briefly (I'm happy if she gulps down a letdown before popping off and refusing to go back on). Very sleepy and asleep nursings are always better. I've also always laughed at the idea of nursing down and up from naps - she'll nurse down, but never up. :-/

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