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Thread: Fourth round of mastitis in 3 months AND too much milk!

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    Default Fourth round of mastitis in 3 months AND too much milk!

    I have a 3 month old who is exclusively BF. I work so I pump 2-3 times a day then nurse at home and overnoght. I have so much extra milk, about four gallon bags full of milk that I don't know what to do with, running out of freezer space and our island doesn't have a way to donate. Anyway, I am taking AB for the fourth time for a breast infection in same breast, same place. The bottle and the pharmacist say not to take while BF but the Dr insists it's fine. I fI don't take the meds, I'm miserable and used all my leave for after my son was born, so can't stay home without going without pay. I use the warm compresses, cabbage leaves, drink lots of water, etc. The side where the infection is has an inverted nipple, but he latches and feeds fine. I am just wondering if there is something I can do to prevent these?
    And I am wondering what to do with all this milk? I had to throw out 9 bottle the other day because there is no room in fridge. I express about 9 oz at work and during the day while I am gone he only drinks about 5. So I have a major surplus.

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    Default Re: Fourth round of mastitis in 3 months AND too much milk!

    Are you considering not taking the ab or pumping and dumping? Don't. abs are routinely prescribed to breastfeeding mothers for mastitis and a myriad of other infections, surgeries (such as c-sections) etc. and breastfeeding safely continues. If you want the exact lactation safety rating on your particular ab, call the nice folks at www.infantrisk.com.

    Were you not treated with an ab previously? That may be why the recurrences.

    You could look into donating your milk to a human milk bank dedicated to providing human milk to infants who need it. See https://www.hmbana.org/milk-bank-locations even if there is no location near you, there may be a drop off spot.

    kellymom has a good article on recurrent mastitis

    If the issue is baby is unable to empty the breast on that side, working on reducing your milk production (if you have overproduction) may help. But you have to proceed very carefully with block feeding because you do not want THAT to cause another bout of mastitis.

    I understand that you cannot take more time off without losing pay, but recurrent mastitis is often a clue mom is doing too much. So anyway you can get more rest, do it.

    Try cold compresses. Warmth can increase any swelling.

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