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Thread: Lipase issue and weight loss/fish oil

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    Default Lipase issue and weight loss/fish oil

    All of the sudden my LO started to refuse bottle with my expressed BM. We've been giving her bottle from 6 weeks to get her ready for the time I'm going back to work, she is now 11 weeks. I taisted the milk and it was rancid. I figured it was lipase as scalding helped to keep it. It is interesting though my frozen supply does not have this issue, it started after we all got over some virus- combo of GI and respiratory symptoms. I searched and searched as going back to work (do 12 hr shifts being a nurse) I have limited oportunity to scald the milk, on top of which do not want to loose any BM benefits. Here is what I found - some reseach shows that fish oil increases lipase activity, but in my case - I've been taking it for years and took krill oil all the way through pregnancy and up untill now (this does not seem to be the cause for me as it is not a change and issue just started). Big change which I've noticed was weight loss due to this virus - I suddenly dropped 3lbs, all this time before I was really careful about not having rapid weight loss to minimize any chance of compromizing milk supply/quality. And fat content of my milk noticably dropped too, despite everything reputable resourses say re diet and milk fat (from creamy yellow with thick line on top when separates, it is white with very little cream). The reseach I found is very limited on breast milk, but lipase activity appears to be highly influence by calorie restriction and different tissue reacts different - some by decreased activity(like fat tissue), other by increased activity (muscle) - again no info on breast tissue... The extend of calorie restriction appears to play role as well - looks like moderate restriction increases lipase activity, while severe restriction- decreases(cases of malnutrition and very low oral intake). So... I am on the mission!!! has anybody notice lipase issue after moderate weight loss or do you think there was a connection for you? Did anybody take fish oil ( DHA, EPA, krill oil, etc) and have/ or not lipase issue? Thank you everybody for all the great support and info I had from you in the past, you helped me through some tough BF times and fears!

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    Default Re: Lipase issue and weight loss/fish oil

    I think I had high lipase from day 1, but didn't realize it. I don't know about your weight loss question. My LO is 8 mos and I lost 1/2 of my pregnancy weight by 5 or 6 mos.

    I did take a prenatal vitamin with DHA/EPA during my pregnancy and after. I stopped taking this vitamin about 2 mos ago due to soy intake concerns. I haven't noticed a change in my high lipase issue.

    I would love if someone could find a cause and solution for high lipase. I don't have time to scald my milk so I just send fresh with my LO everyday. Any leftover is frozen and donated.

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    I don't think I had lipsase issue but I was taking DHA tablets when LO was born and noticed my breastmilk smelled like fish! i stopped taking the tablets and the smell went away. maybe the fish oil was good for LO but I had oversupply in the beginning and it was just horrible to be leaking all over the place and smell fish everywhere!

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    Default Re: Lipase issue and weight loss/fish oil

    I have high lipase but I think it started just a couple of months ago. I did take a prenatal DHA supplement when pregnant and about six months into nursing and stopped when my bottle ran out. I am taking it again because I think it helps me for various reasons but the lipase issue develped when I was not taking the fish oil. I was back to pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 week PP appointment so I think I lost the weight pretty quickly, not sure if that contributed to the lipase issue or not.

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