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Thread: Feeling ashamed about this...

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    thank you so much for posting about this -i am dealing with same issue - it is so upsetting i feel my bf experience is being ruined by this niggling feeling im having .... it is so reassuring to know others are having same probs my baby is 15 weeks and i only started to have these sensations after about 8 weeks of happily feeding - this was after my period had returned and i presume part of my bodys way of telling me i could start makng babies again... my nipples were very import to my sexual life prior to giving birth... i have not had sex yet since having baby im apprehensive as bf and also had a tear and a cut with forceps delivery.... but do think i now need to have sex..... its all very confusing and upsetting as i feel i need to choose between continuing to bf and my sex life.... any advice v welcome

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    I think one thing we forget is that breastfeeding triggers NORMAL hormone caused feelings and emotions that feel sensual to many women. It's NORMAL.

    Just as we love our husbands or other adult partner, we love our babies, in fact, sometimes we actively FALL IN LOVE with our babies.

    These hormonal feelings are how we bond with other human beings. Women bond to their mates in large part based on the feelings that are engendered from the hormonal release at orgasm.

    Well the hormone unleashed by nursing? it’s the same hormone! It's also released by many other things, so mothers who do not nurse feel it as well, but probably will not equate it with sex in thier minds, which we only do because we have been conditioned to see breasts as exclusively sexual.

    But we have it backwards. The reason a womans breasts and nipples are a big part of pleasure to us, sexually included, is because we were made to feel pleasure when nursing our babies!

    If you are starting to be interested in sexual relations again, by all means, let your adult partner know! I am sure they will be thrilled. If intercourse is still off the table due to pain, get creative.

    But there is no need to feel weird about feelings. Feelings are involuntary and they do not hurt others unless we act on them inappropriately.
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