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Thread: Not sure what is going on? Low milk supply?

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    Default Not sure what is going on? Low milk supply?

    I have been hesitant to post but I am getting so stressed lately that I am at a loss.
    DD is 4 months and the last 4-5 days I have noticed her nursing behaviour has changed. She has been pulling like mad at my breasts and pulls off/on constantly because she doesn't like the flow/not enough milk etc.? I also notice when she's drinking that she doesn't take the long pause swallows that I am used to seeing for very long. I only notice that for a couple minutes when my milk lets down and then its pulling like mad. I can't seem to nurse her to sleep like I used to. Instead of her getting sleepy she gets irritated and upset and unlatches and cries.
    I admit she definately is more distracted lately. I am trying to monitor wet diapers but we use cloth so I find it harder to tell how wet. She doesn't have reg bm's either maybe every 3-4 days.
    Yesterday she fed at 5PM, then 630, then 7 then 830 and I nursed her for over an hour. (Pulling off/on) before she just started having a fit. We co-sleep and she often latches in the night to comfort nurse. I noticed last night she got upset when she did that and would unlatch and go back to a restless sleep. Normally in a 24 hr period, she is nursed around 9-11 times (thats not including the snack nursing during nap/night time)
    Sorry for the long post but I'm freaking out!

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    Default Re: Not sure what is going on? Low milk supply?

    Don't panic! It is hard to always gauge "how" wet a diaper is, but the number of wets over the whole day is what matters. Maybe change baby more frequently during the day to help you gauge how many wets you are getting?

    Baby could be going through a growth spurt, perhaps? It is very common for babies to exhibit this kind of feeding behavior when they are going through a growth spurt or developmental spurt. I just came off a 5-6 day period with my LO doing many of the same things, and just had to switch all of her clothing to the next size up this morning! Every time she has gone through the constant hunger/pulling/frantic nursing, I too always have a nagging fear that I am not producing enough, but I just try to relax and go with it, and offer to nurse really frequently.

    Babies also become much more efficient nursers over time, so it is very possible that a few minutes of deep swallows is getting her fed what used to take her much longer to extract from the breast. Baby may be impatient for later letdowns right now, which is why she may be pulling at the breast. If the pulling is hurting (it usually hurts me!), have you tried switching breasts when she starts tugging really hard? I will switch back and forth when mine gets this way, because she is more patient when she is getting a letdown faster, and it feels a lot less painful for me. If baby is still pretty keen to tug and pop off, sometimes a quick break walking around with dad can be calming, and baby can come back to the breast again to finish her meal.

    I really like this KellyMom page for troubleshooting fussy nursing behaviors:

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    Default Re: Not sure what is going on? Low milk supply?

    When baby is suddenly fussier than normal, I think it makes sense to consider either teething or an ear infection. At 4 months teething is kind of a given. If your LO has recently showed symptoms of a cold or has any kind of yucky nasal or eye drainage, then I'd take her in to the doc and have them peek in her ears.

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