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Thread: still having lots of difficulties !

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    Default still having lots of difficulties !

    I've been on here complaining about my difficulties nursing my fussy baby and in the early days everyone said the fussiness would go away by 3-4 months but it hasn't really got much better at 4 months and nursing her is getting even harder!

    For most of January my forceful letdown problem seemed like it had got better but now all of a sudden I am getting engorged sometimes again and she is popping off when the milk first lets down more often. She still has a lot of gas and seems bothered by it.

    She is getting up to nurse every 2hrs at night most nights (if she does a longer stretch it's the 1st stretch then up every 2hrs after) but during the day she cries when I try to nurse her more than every 3hrs. Actually she just cries when I try to nurse her in general! It seems like we are rarely ever in sync.

    I have a hard time getting her to nurse for more than 5 minutes even when she's sleepy and when she's awake it's virtually impossible. She will act hungry, root and put her hands in her mouth but refuse to nurse. One time I went out and pumped for about 30min and she drank the whole bottle so now I keep thinking I should just try pumping and feeding her , I am so frustrated!

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    Default Re: still having lots of difficulties !

    Hi mama, what happens when she refuses to nurse? Are you then offering a bottle? She might be developing a bottle preference since she knows doesn't have to work for it.

    I haven't seen your other threads, but have you ruled out gassiness or reflux as part of her fussiness? Some babies respond well to reflux meds. Mine was fussy until that issue went away on its own, close to 5.5 months for us.

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