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Thread: Unsure about supply, totally lost what to do at this point

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    Default Unsure about supply, totally lost what to do at this point

    My daughter is 2 1/2 weeks & latches great. Birth 6.4lbs-1 week 5.11lbs- 2 weeks 5.11lbs. The Dr is concerned because she hasn't gained & is still jaundice but since she has a great latch she was going to give her one more week before we start needing to supplement and worry. It's been 5 days and she still hasn't gained and has started acting hungry after I feed her and is eating way more often 2-2 1/2hrs instead of 3 and she is also very lethargic and wakes up crying frantically for food. Yesterday I started giving her an ounce of formula on top of what she is getting from me during two feedings and it was like she was a different baby. Happy, content and stayed awake happy for once. I've pumped a few times and at most I get 1 1/2 ounces, but usually get only an ounce. I didn't make enough for my first baby by 2 months so Im worried the same thing is happening. I want to do the best for my baby and hate the idea that I'm starving her. Help please

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    Default Re: Unsure about supply, totally lost what to do at this poi

    Welcome to the forum!

    Questions for you:
    - Has the baby always been weighed on the same scale, and in the nude? Or has she been weighed on a variety of scales, and states of dress/undress?
    - How often does baby nurse, in a 24 hour period?
    - What is the baby's wet/poop diaper output?
    - What were the baby's poops like before you started supplementing with formula? Were they yellow or green? When she pooped, was the amount "scoopable"- that is, could you scoop the poop up in a teaspoon, or did it soak right into the diaper?
    - How does nursing feel?
    - Does the baby fall asleep while nursing? If so, does she seem to start dozing relatively early in the feeding?

    Sorry to answer your questions with more questions, but your answers will help us help you better!

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    Default Re: Unsure about supply, totally lost what to do at this poi


    Yes, same scale and nude.
    Nurses. 10-12 times a day
    Wet diapers around 6-8, dirty diapers that aren't just streaks are about 2-3
    Before formula her 'scoopable' poops where maybe one and they where yellowish/brown
    Nursing feels good, I can tell that she is emptying them pretty fully. She starts off gulping, then dozes off some and does some soft sucking until I believe I get another let down and I hear more gulping. I usually have to mess with her a few times during feeding and wake her with burping between breasts. She spends about 20-35 minutes nursing.


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    Default Re: Unsure about supply, totally lost what to do at this poi

    It sounds like you are getting what is considered a normal amount when you pump. (See this for more: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/pumping_decrease/ )
    How much is baby getting in supplements per day? Can you pump enough to supplement with your milk?

    As long as you pump/hand express often enough (and your pump is working for you) supplementing will have less impact on your milk production. Even if you have to supplement with formula, you can offset the impact of that to some degree by protecting your milk production by pumping or hand expression. By protecting your milk production, you can supplement if/as needed and keep working on breastfeeding.

    But if baby is not getting enough milk from exclusive nursing and requires supplements to gain normally, your best bet is to try to find out why, exactly, baby is not getting enough at the breast and get help fixing whatever the issue(s) are. It is often assumed that the problem is milk production, but that is not always the case, sometimes there is something else going on. In any case, low milk production and/or poor milk transfer, these are usually solvable issues.
    Are you able to see a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) do you think? Or are there any LLL Groups or similar near you? Getting in person assistance is often very helpful.

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