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Thread: Nursing with a raging ear infection

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    Default Nursing with a raging ear infection

    Hey mommas- I woke up last night with extreme ear pain and what turned out to be a horrible ear infection and possibly ruptured ear drum. I was prescribed augmentin which seems to be deemed safe for breastfeeding moms. I was also given drops to help with pain and drainage called antipyrine benzocaine. I couldnt find much on it other than the usual cya warning to talk to your doc if pregnant or breastfeeding. Anyone use these/know their safety??
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    Default Re: Nursing with a raging ear infection

    8063522519 or infantrisk.com

    That's the number for Infantrisk, a hotline dedicated to breastfeeding and medications. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Default Re: Nursing with a raging ear infection

    Oh ugh. Hope you feel better soon! In my copy of Medications and Mothers Milk, augmentin is rated L1, the safest rating. You can call infant risk on Monday for more details if you are still concerned.

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