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Thread: 3 1/2 mo dropping on the weight chart

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    Unhappy 3 1/2 mo dropping on the weight chart

    Hello everyone,

    First time poster here. My DD is almost 3 1/2 mo (in 2 days). We went to the dr yesterday for our monthly checkup and the doc is a bit worried that she's going down in percentiles now.

    Fuller picture:

    Born at 6 lb
    2weeks 6.4 lb
    2 1/2 mo 10.2
    3 1/2 mo 11.5

    Thedoc is saying she was in the 26th perc. last month (i hope i remember the weight correctly, but i'm not sure) and now she's in the 11th.

    All the other measurements are ok, she has plenty wet diapers, not many poos but that has been consistent with her. She's alert, happy, sleeps well. I feed her every 1 1/2-2 hours and at night she'll only nurse twice though i offer more when she stirs. My breasts do feel a bit emptier but i still feel plenty of letdowns and she swollows well. If it weren't for this checkup i would have though she was doing great. Now of course i start questioning everything. The dr only suggested fenugreek and as much nursing as she'll take and wants too see her next month. She's pro BF and delayed solids (after 6 mo).

    I have a 6 yo who was also small but as we were in Romania we didn't use any charts and i cannot remember her weights.

    Please tell me i shouldn't panic just yet. I'm very commited to BF and i'm at home for a full year (Canada). I've never pumped and i only have a terrible hand pump.

    I think that's all the info and i'd appreciate the help!
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: 3 1/2 mo dropping on the weight chart

    No need to panic. Everything you describe sounds fine. Your baby is being fed on demand, she's not sleeping through the night, you feel plenty of letdowns and hear plenty of swallowing, she has normal diaper output, her development is as it should be, and her sister is small. Sounds like you just have a small baby, and you don't need to let fluctuations on the charts throw you! It's not like babies "fail" the growth test because they're on the lower end of the charts. Healthy babies come in all shapes and sizes, and statistically speaking, there are just as many healthy babies in the 11th percentile as there are in the 89th.

    Is your baby very active? Doing a lot of reaching and kicking, maybe even some rolling? Highly active babies tend to "lean out" on the charts somewhat earlier than their more sedentary peers. Both my kids dropped percentiles between 2 and 4 months- of course, no-one ever made a big deal about it because they were roly-poly babies and I think the doc was secretly relieved to see them a little less obese.

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    Default Re: 3 1/2 mo dropping on the weight chart

    Moderately active. Not reaching for toys yet but is trying to roll and sit up- manages some sort of crunches. The dr says her neuro-motor skills are fine. I've strted today to offer the breast more often, even if she's not asking. She seems to accept it...

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    Default Re: 3 1/2 mo dropping on the weight chart


    19 oz in four weeks is well within the average range. There's also a link to the WHO charts on the offchance your doctor is using another type. Nursing more never hurts though.

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