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    My milk supply has simply vanished. My LO is 4 months, ebf, and I have always had so much milk, too much in fact. I started only nursing on one side when she was about a month old and my milk regulated, but I still pumped for relief a few times a week. She's a fantastic eater and is nice and chunky, 85% for weight and 95% for height! I love bfing and do it on demand, although we kind of have a loose rhythm of every 2.5-3.5 hours during the day. She sleeps great too, sometimes 10 hours. I have never "sleep trained" her and we don't let her cry it out.
    She's been fussy the past few days and I've been thinking it was her teeth. Although now the past 2 days, she's soooo cranky and screaming and when she nurses she pulls off and screams even more. Im offering both sides now. My breasts havent been feeling full and I'm not feeling the "let down" anymore. I've tried just lying with her and nursing all day but she just seems so starving still, and I can't tell if anything is coming out. It doesn't feel like it.
    What could cause my milk supply to go away so quickly?? I got my period last month (ugh!) and should get it again tomorrow. I read pregnancy could cause milk supply issues (i'm not using birth control) but it seems like it would be too early for that. What can I do to hslp? She's so unhappy and seems so hungry I'm so close to going to the store and just buying formula :-( how long do I let her starve? I don't have any freezer supply as I'm visiting family this week.

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    First, don't panic! There are lots of reasons why babies are fussy at the breast that don't necessarily mean that your supply is tanked.

    What are her diapers like? If she's making plenty of wet and dirties, then you know you and she are okay even if she's unhappy. Its really common for your supply to regulate at this time and you may not feel full anymore. Also, you may have a temporary dip in supply with the start of your period. She also may be going through a growth spurt that makes her want to feed. Finally, the other reason babies are often fussy at the breast is ear infections.

    The answer is to nurse more. As long as she isn't getting dehydrated, you just need to hunker down and nurse, trust yourself and your body. babies are fussy and it's not because they are starving to death. Also, maybe she's off her game because you guys aren't in your normal routine?

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    Thanks for the response. I'm having a hard time telling if her diapers are what they used to be since she is in disposables while we are away from home, but I can tell they are at least a bit wet. She hasn't pooped in 2 days, she usually has 2 a day but skipping a day here or there is normal, too. It could totally be that she's in a funk because we aren't at home but she's pretty used to being here, I would think. But I know every week comes with new opinions so I know that could be it :-)
    How can I tell if she has an ear infection? I'd think she'd be pulling on her ears or something. I've been thinking it could be a growth spurt, too. However, I just don't feel like she's getting what she needs, and it seems like she feels the same. I'm nursing and nursing and nursing but she is just doing shallow sucking and no gulping, and pulling off, I'm so sore. I know the stress makes it worse so I'm trying to relax. I feel anxious that I'm starving her.

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    If she's having wet diapers she's not starving. You should be getting 5-6 wets per day minimum. Like you said, poops are variable.

    Like pp said, just keep nursing, keep offering. I'm thinking it's most likely a dip in your supply caused by your period coming (which is totally normal). Sometimes it can make the milk taste funny, which upsets some babies, especially the first few periods you get once they come back.

    Just in case there is something else going on, watch for physical signs of dehydration- no tears, dry mouth, sunken eyes and fontanel, not enough wet dipes.

    I was going to say bring her to the ped to check on the ear infection, but if you are out of town that might be difficult to do. Maybe one of those minute clinics. Or...you could try giving her tylenol and see if she calms down. Not exactly scientific, but if it's pain that's causing her fussiness you'd get your answer.
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    with still.here. I just want to add that when supply suddenly goes from overabundant to just enough, many babies exhibit extremely fussy behavior. All of a sudden they have to adjust to working a lot harder for their meals, and they don't like that!

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