I'm posting here even tho LO will be 3 months next week but she doesn't really have a newborn problem. Starting about a week or so ago, LO will not nurse before bed, or really anytime that she is not "really" hungry (ie no cluster feeding) or sleepy.

Before bed, I have to rock her with her paci until she is almost asleep, slip the paci out, and then slip her onto my nipple. If she wakes and catches on to my trickery, I have to start all over. Once she is on she'll nurse, and swallow, for what seems like a full feeding. In the MOTN she also takes a full feeding, no problem. But she also fights the breast if I try to clusterfeed in the evening. She definitely prefers to use the pacifier for comfort suckling and not my breast, maybe because I have a huge supply.

Because I am trying to make sure she doesn't associate BFing and sleep, I always put her down drowsy but awake, which means after nursing her I have to wake her up to put her down. We also loosely followe E-A-S-Y so she doesn't nurse before sleep for anything but bedtime, unless she is showing feeding cues at that time.

She just started daycare yesterday and that was pretty much her first experience with bottles but this has been going on for a few weeks now. Any thoughts? Most people have to BF there baby to sleep, I have to get my baby to sleep in order to BF. Seems CRAZY!