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Thread: 13 1/2 month old and molars

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    Default 13 1/2 month old and molars

    My baby is 13 1/2 months old and has always been a great nurser, although ever since she started cutting her top two molars she hasnt been nursing the same. They have only cut the front part of the gum and are still making their way in the back part. We had a few really rough days at first...she went from about 4-5 sessions in a day to maybe one or two and it seemed like my supply had suddenly dropped because my breasts werent full anymore. I couldnt get a let down and was starting to get frustrated.

    Then miraculously my breasts were fuller again and she was getting the let down she likes no problem. (She has cut down on a nursing session in the day since then.)

    Today it seemed like her gums were bothering her again because she only wanted to be around me and lots of fingers in the mouth/tired. She nursed fine in the morning and before her nap, but in the afternoon for some reason I couldnt get a let down and she pulled off (seemed content with what she had gotten out).

    The problem is that lately if she doesnt get a let down when nursing my breasts wont be full enough for the next session and she wont nurse (or will suck out what is there and then stop). Tonight before bed she fell asleep with no let down.

    I have never had a problem with let down or nursing until these molars started coming in and now each time we dont get a let down I think it is the beginning of the end. I feel like now LO only really wants to nurse before she sleeps. I will mention however, she is still nursing 3 and sometimes 4 times during the night.

    Sorry if this post is long, it is my first time and I am a bit confused. I dont know if I am having issues because of her cutting molars and we will get over this, or if I should be pumping (something I have never done, nor know how to do) to increase supply?

    Just dont want any lack of let downs to lead to her completely weaning.

    Thank you so much in advance for any advice/support.

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    Default Re: 13 1/2 month old and molars

    Stress can be associated with lack of let down. Any changes in your life affecting your stress level?

    They can be easily distracted at that age. Maybe reading a book while she nurses or have a special toy she can only play with while nursing. That might encourage her to stay nursing longer.

    You can also use warm compresses and breast massage to help encourage let down.

    I suspect that she is less likely to nurse if teething molars because of the pain, not because you're not letting down. I suspect this will pass as you frequently offer.

    Still nursing 3-4 times during the night is a good sign that this is NOT the beginning of the end! Night weaning usually precedes complete weaning

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