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Thread: Not drinking as much from the bottle

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    Default Not drinking as much from the bottle

    For the past month, my LO who's almost 8 mthns now has not been drinking as much BM from his bottle. About 3x/week, he gets a bottle for 2-3 of his daily feedings. He consistently nurses/has a bottle 7x per day and has since about 2 weeks old. The only difference now is that he eats a few tablespoons of solids 2x day. Right now, our schedule is like this on bottle days:

    --Wakes at night between 1-2 to nurse, then again between 5-6 (nurses well here)
    --Might nurse again upon waking around 8 if I offer but only for a few minutes, then is uninterested (this would be nursing #9, and I offer sometimes if it's been more than 2 hrs after the last nursing and b/c I know he's drinking less in the afternoon)
    --9:30ish am has pureed/mashed fruit with a little BM mixed in, sometimes a little cereal if the mixture is too runny
    --Nurse down for a nap between 11-11:30 (eats really well here)
    --Bottle around 2 pm
    --Bottle around 4 pm
    --Nurse or bottle around 6:30 pm
    --7ish pm has pureed veggies with cereal mixed in and at least 1 oz BM
    --Between 9-10 pm nurse to sleep

    It used to be that he almost always drank 4 oz for each bottle, but for the past month he will push the bottle away after about half. He seems distracted, wants to play, or look around at other things. Sometimes we can get him to finish the bottle, but other times he just doesn't want it, so ends up only taking 2 oz for that feeding. On the days that he nurses rather than has a bottle, there isn't a really good way for me to measure how much he takes in, but it does seem like he nurses for less time and is distractable.

    It seems like the times when he nurses best (i.e. eats the most) is when he is falling asleep--that would be the night-time nurse to sleep, overnight nursings and his mid-AM nursing when he falls asleep for a nap. During the day, when he dosn't fall asleep after/during nursing, he is very distracted.

    He seems to be gaining weight and is happy. Should I be concerned that he's drinking less out of the bottle?

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    Default Re: Not drinking as much from the bottle

    Really common for an 8 month old to be very distracted, whether at the breast or with the bottle. So much to see and gaining new skills to explore the world around him! Like your baby, I found when my LO was that age she drank more at her nighttime feedings (hard to say exactly of course as she was at the breast, but she seemed to drink longer then and drain the breast more completely). Also, 2 ounces is actually a normal meal size for a breastfed baby. I wouldn't be concerned. Just continue feeding on demand day and night as you're doing!

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