I've posted about it before but my son has been gaining very slowly since birth. About 3 weeks ago we got his lip/posterior tongue tie cut. In the last couple of weeks I've seen a huge change in his nursing. I never heard him swallow before when he was nursing and it took him a long time to get full. Now he finishes nursing in 5-10 min and I hear lots of swallowing. I was really hoping it would make a difference in his weight.

We went to the doctor today and he'd gained a pound in the last month, and that still put him at a minor percent drop on the charts. I will say the scale is not digital so it's not quite as accurate. The doctor has been really supportive about breastfeeding from the beginning and has never suggested formula but she's acting more concerned about his gain.

He's hitting all his milestones early and seems happy and healthy. He's going through wet diapers like crazy too. I feel like he's doing fine, but there's this little voice saying what if I'm doing something wrong.

Any support or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!