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Thread: Pumping etiquette question

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    I'm a little confused about the packing stuff up part. Are you leaving your laptop and everything out while you're pumping in the bathroom? I guess you are comfortable pumping in the bathroom...that was always my last resort. I think if you are leaving your laptop anyway I would pick a seat by the window and go to the car where I could see it. I think you're OK using the bathroom that long unless 10 ladies are banging on the door everyday

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    I'm going to be the odd one out and say that I think it's really rude of you to monopolize the only public bathroom for 15 minutes several times a day. The coffee shop is not your office and you have no right to monopolize the bathroom whatever your reason. I can't believe you haven't gotten complaints about this already. Pack up your stuff and pump in your car, or go to your office and pump there. You have every right to breastfeed and express milk but that doesn't mean you need to unnecessarily inconvenience everyone around you in order to do it. I managed to pump for 14 months so I am aware of the challenges but this just isn't necessary or considerate of others.
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