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Thread: Milk from fridge

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    Default Milk from fridge

    Hi. Thanks in advance... We want to give an occasional bottle at night n when we're out can we take out stored milk from the fridge n keep it at room temp until feeding if so how long can it be out and can we put it back in fridge if lo doesn't finish or leave at room temp? If going out should we keep it in cooler ?

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    Breastmilk is pretty hardy stuff.

    You can read guidelines here and apply to your situation: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/m...e/milkstorage/

    Some moms find it's just so much easier to nurse when out and about instead of pumping and bringing pumped milk. Plus, in order to keep supply balanced, moms often choose to pump whenever their baby receives supplemental milk. Just food for thought

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