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Thread: I'm over expressing at work

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    I have a 23 week old and went back to work when she was 12 weeks old. My plan was to express until she is 6 months and then slowly start her on solids and give her formula during the day while breastfeeding whenever I can, ie in the morning before I leave for work, evening and at night (she currently still comes twice a night). Until now I have been expressing once at work and been driving home for one feed during the day (it varies which one I go home for, either the morning feed or the afternoon feed), but it is all taking so much of my time that I feel like I hardly get to my duties I have at work. I really am over expressing at work. I have to throw one of the directors out of his office for at least half an hour since I don't have a private workspace. Would it really be so terrible if I would already replace one of the day feeds with formula (do I have to stick to the same one ie morning or afternoon or can I interchange them as it suits)? I feel that my evening feeds are lower in milk supply or maybe she just doesn't feed as much when I get home. So I am a bit worried that replacing a feed or two when she is older with formula might decrease my milk supply even more and I won't have enough to feed her in the evening and/or at night. I am just really tired of trying to fit everything into my schedule. I really want to make an extra effort at work to make sure I stay in my job and get to keep those perks of being able to go home for a feed during the day. Sjo...I never knew how short a day really is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kimmie View Post
    Would it really be so terrible if I would already replace one of the day feeds with formula?
    Mama, this is a question we can't answer. I get it that you are feeling very frustrated by the conflicting demands of being an employee and a mom, and that sometimes you cannot balance the work vs. family equation in a way that makes everyone happy or optimizes every variable. All I can do is to repeat the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recommends exclusive breastfeeding (no solids, no formula) for 6 months and continued breastfeeding with complementary solids (which means solids are an addition to breastmilk in the baby's diet, not a replacement for it) until a minimum of 12 months. (The WHO recommendations are much time same, only they recommend a 2 year minimum.) I don't think anyone can quantify the risk to the baby's health or to your breastfeeding goals from one bottle of formula per day. It's something you'd have to decide for yourself. But I do think that you have picked up on some very probable problems that you could face going forward- if baby is already not that interested in her evening feedings, she could suddenly cut them out and then you'd face increased difficulties with supply and with continuing to nurse. And replacing a feeding with formula always results in lower overall supply.

    If you do decide to introduce formula, I think you will have the most success if you can pick a consistent time of day to give that one bottle. That will allow your supply to decrease at that one time of day, rather than changing it up so that sometimes you need the milk and sometimes you don't.

    Is there any way to make pumping at work easier on you? I can understand your reluctance to throw your director out of his office. Maybe you could explore options like running out to your car to pump, or finding a different space (who knows, maybe there's a nice supply closet with an outlet sitting unused, just waiting for you to come and make it your own...).

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    I would be worried mainly about losing your supply if you stop pumping at work. If you are going to start going most of the day without nursing or pumping (would you continue to go home and nurse once?) it is almost surely going to have an effect on your overall supply at this point. And of course the risk there is that you would have to then add in another bottle of formula...and another. It truly is a slippery slope.

    I agree that if at all possible you should look into alternative pumping arrangements if what you're doing now isn't working. Is your supervisor giving you a hard time about having to give up his office, or is that you feeling bad about it? Are you falling behind at work? Are coworkers commenting? What is the source of your anxiety about pumping? Maybe we can help you come up with ways to fix that so you can feel more comfortable continuing to pump.
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    I too use my manager's office to pump and nurse my baby. My DD is 10 months' old and I am looking forward to getting back to my regular work schedule. ( I am going to miss those lunch visits though!) My manager has always been super nice and supportive and has shared her office with other nursing mothers, but I still feel strange about kicking her out sometimes. That is just me and I remind myself that my DD has a right to my BM, work can wait, and this is only temporary. I plan on nursing as long as possible and I am proud that I have been able to keep my supply going so we can continue our nursing relationship after I'm finished pumping at work. (after she turns 1) If you want to make it to 6 months, you can do it! I hope you can find a pumping arrangement that works for you so you can make your goal. It is only temporary, your LO will grow up so fast and you will look back on your pumping experience as a very short time. Just take it one day at a time and know that you are not alone!

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