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Thread: Not a "good pumper". Need advice.

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    Default Re: Not a "good pumper". Need advice.

    My main tips for making supplementation work were included above. Nothing too complicated, I just nursed on demand when I was there, especially at night (which I think is what really kept my supply up in the early months especially). While I nursed, I never gave a bottle myself (except this one time we were stuck in traffic and I hadn't learned the fine art of nursing a baby in a car seat) so they would associate me only with nursing. I continued to pump regularly- with my daughter I did 3 times a day until she was about 9 mos old, then I dropped down to twice a day until she was about 13 mos and stopped taking bottles so I pump weaned. She continued to nurse for another year after that until my supply dried up when I was pregnant with my son.

    As far as your caregiver (your mom I think you said?) giving formula bottles, the teachers at my daughter's school preferred to save the breast milk bottles for nap time because she slept better that way. It's never a good idea to mix them, so if there's not enough breast milk for a full feeding give the breast milk first and then the formula. Stay vigilant about overfeeding (you'll have to look up amounts of formula to give at each age) so your LO doesn't get used to that over-stuffed feeling. And try and make sure she doesn't give bottles too close to pick up time so LO will eat as soon as you get to her.
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    Default Re: Not a "good pumper". Need advice.

    If you do end up needing to go the formula route, the important thing is just to give the bare minimum he needs. Make sure your mom understands that just because a baby is hard to settle or drinking a bottle doesn't mean they "needed" it, and that it is really easy to overfeed a baby. You want to make sure when you come home that your baby is wanting to nurse and not full, otherwise it could impact your supply.

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    Default Re: Not a "good pumper". Need advice.

    It may sound odd, but I have found that my pumping output goes up substantially if I do not watch the bottles. I stress much less when I am not watching to see how much is flowing out. I literally have to cover the bottles up entirely to see a difference, but it actually seems to yield me an extra ounce every time I do it.

    Deep breathing and relaxation imagery seem to help me as well. Anything to break the cycle of thinking I am not pumping enough while pumping seems to increase my output!

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    still.here, I do co-sleep right now which is really helpful for my supply. He gets to nurse all night long whenever he wants and I hardly even wake up! So that should help us. That is great you were able to nurse for so long despite finding pumping a challenge. I am really encouraged.
    Also good advice manitobamommy about making sure he gets only the bare minimum of formula. I think my mom fed him too much today again of pumped milk. I need to print out the kellymom stuff for her. I'll do that this weekend!
    Sonogirl, I will try not looking. For real this time. I always tell myself I am going to ignore the bottles but I will really mean it this time. Next week- 1. no looking at bottles, 2. pump in car, 3. listen to relaxing music, and 4. read a book that has nothing to do with nursing or babies.

    Thanks so much for the advice! I really think I like these forums. I wish there was a LLL chapter near me. Unfortunately I live in a small town in a rural area.

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