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Thread: How much/how often are you feeding your 6-month old?

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    Default Re: How much/how often are you feeding your 6-month old?

    FWIW our schedule looks very, very similar to yours, minus the solids (9 mos old and still no interest!) plus a lot more night nursing. Most of the time it's drink or drown with bottles, but I think these babies know what they are doing at the breast

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    Default Re: How much/how often are you feeding your 6-month old?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*stonesmom View Post

    I feel like everywhere I go lately I'm seeing moms feeding their babies these giant 8oz bottles of milk (probably formula?) and it's got me thinking about my own feeding schedule with my 6.5 month old.

    When I'm not at work I nurse on demand, he is not on an actual feeding "schedule" but mostly the day works out to:

    -- nurse once in AM before work
    -- 12-14oz (3, 4.5oz bottles) during the work day
    -- nurse twice before bed (b/t 5:30 and 7:30pm)
    -- nurse twice overnight (between bedtime and 7am he wakes anywhere from 1-3times)
    -- he gets about 2-3 tablespoons of fruit/vegetable after lunch and dinner feeding

    Assuming he's getting 3-4oz at each nursing this averages to be about 32oz day...

    So, my 2 questions:

    How does this compare to what you are feeding your babies of similar age?


    Does this change? Can I assume that I will ALWAYS be feeding him around 6-8 times per day the SAME amounts as now? I know the composition of breastmilk changes with babies age, so will they always be good with the 32oz a day?

    I want to breastfeed for as long as I can, and aiming for at least 2 years...just worried about how to adjust based on baby getting older and creating a lasting supply.

    Thanks all!
    I EBF and our 7 mos DD gets expressed breast milk while l am at work. Nursing: we co sleep so she can be nibbling on and off through the night. I usually nurse in a focused fashion 2X in the morning before I leave at 8:30. From the bottle she averages 1.5 To 2 oz per hour I'm gone. She has never demanded more than a 4oz bottle in one sitting although our previous nanny did over feed. I get home at 6 and nurse immediately or within 1/2 hour. I usually nurse again between them and bed and I nurse her to sleep at bedtime. So to answer your question, I nurse a lot when I'm home but she stays consistent with daytime bottles and I doubt she's getting as much in the nursing sessions. We are doing BLS and so far she isn't interested in food.
    1st time mom over 40 to Alex(andra) b: 7/14/12

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