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Thread: Domperidone or other ideas

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    Hi- I have had difficulty producing enough milk since returning to work and pumping. I am using a medela symhony pump. My daughter needs more milk than I am able to produce. She was born early so she is 6 months old, but like a four month old. She needs about 4 ounces per feeding and I am only pumping 2-3 total. I try to get in extra pump sessions, drink tons of water, eat oatmeal, lactation cookies. I tried fenugreek, which did not work. I tried adding blessed thistle, which did not help. I also ordered lactaflow tincture and have taken Gaia lactation tea. Nothing has helped. I am open to any other ideas as I am frustrated and do not want to supplement. I would like to try domperidone but am concerned since not FDA approved and my doc said you don't know what you are getting. Anyone have any problems with it? Any ideas about where to buy it?


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    How pinched for time are you? I honestly think that more pumping is better than any herb or medication- but I know more pumping may not be compatible with working!

    I am not sure what to tell you about Domperidone. AFAIK, the reason it's not FDA-approved is not because "you don't know what you're getting" but because no-one that makes it has ever bothered to apply for FDA approval. But the fact remains that it is difficult to come by in the US. You would need a) to find a doctor who is familiar with it and willing to prescribe it and b) get it through a compounding pharmacy. A lot of docs are more familiar with Reglan, which is a drug very much like Domperidone- used both on and off label for similar reasons. You might want to discuss that with your doc- but be aware that Reglan (unlike Dom.) is known to cross the blood-brain barrier and is associated with an increased risk for depression, particularly in women who are already at risk.

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