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Thread: Rufusing right side! Help!

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    Hi there! My baby is 3 months old and she just started teething. She's been pretty fussy but still eating like usual until yesterday. She refused to eat on the right side the whole day and so far today. If I try to latch her she kicks and screams and if I put her on the left she nurses just fine. She's never done this before. I've been pumping to try to empty the right breast but I'm so sore I feel like the pump doesn't empty the breast like my baby does! Please help!!! I don't know what to do!

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    Try holding your baby as if you were nursing her on the left, then just move her to the right breast. It's called the football hold, because you should have her tucked kind of under your right arm like you'd carry a football. Sometimes this can trick the baby into thinking they are on the preferred side.

    You might consider taking her to get her ears checked. She could have an ear infection on one side that makes it painful to nurse that way.
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    Have you been switching positions or kept the same throughout breastfeeding her?
    Usually babies tend to "get situated" with certain positions and any change is a signal of that something is different to the baby which can cause stress, which will lead to kicking and screaming.
    Love to hear from you!

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    I'm only replying because I went through the same issue when my dd was about 2 months old. It turns out my supply was lower in that side and she didn't like that. I usually ended up feeding her in the left side position on the right side and supported her with pillows. Sometimes I even fed her when she was asleep (turned into a full on nursing strike at that point). She's fine now. Hopefully it will pass soon. Good luck.

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    I had a problem w/ my LO refusing left side. When I pump it's the one that yields the least milk, so I thought it might be my supply, but with a few positional changes I've gotten her to nurse on it. Sometimes I have to nurse her standing up or hunched over so it flows easier...not sure why that makes a difference, ...maybe it's a gravity thing? But after lots of experimenting that's what worked for me. She gets bottles of EBM when I'm away and I think she's honestly just a little bit lazy at the breast now.

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    Hi! I tried to do the left position on the right said and she still wouldn't take it. I pumped and fed her from the bottle then offered her the breast and she finally latched on! Now she's back to eating like normal. It was strange that she refused the right side for about 3 days. She's been pretty fussy lately since she started teething and has been pulling at the nipple a lot. I think maybe it's just a phase. I'm just glad she's eating well and gaining weight!

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