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Thread: Medela Freestyle vs. Pump In Style - which do you prefer?

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    Default Medela Freestyle vs. Pump In Style - which do you prefer?

    Hi ladies,
    Which pump do you prefer? The Freestyle or the Pump in Style? I have used the PIS before and I loved it, but have also heard great things about the Freestyle.
    I will be pumping 4x/day at work.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Medela Freestyle vs. Pump In Style - which do you prefe

    I have the PISA and it's been great for me. I think what makes a big difference is where and when you will be pumping and what you will be doing while you're pumping. I mostly pumped at work at my desk, so for me the PISA was fine. I got the pumping bustier and I could just shut my door and get work done while I was pumping. I also liked that the parts for the PISA were more widely available.

    The Freestyle will allow you a lot more mobility, so if you need to be up and around while you're pumping that might make life easier. Some people pump while commuting to and from work, so you would need the Freestyle to do that. My commute was only about 10 minutes, so it wouldn't have made sense to pump. If you're going to be pumping at home at all and need to say, change a diaper, the Freestyle would also allow that but with the PISA, you'll be tied down. Personally, that's one area where I thought the PISA's limitations came in handy. "Sorry, honey. I'm pumping. You're going to have to get this one."

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    Default Re: Medela Freestyle vs. Pump In Style - which do you prefe

    I've used both the PISA and the Freestyle extensively. (PISA for one year each with babies 1 and 3, Freestyle for a year with baby 2.) In my opinion the PISA is a far better pump. It took me about twice as long to pump with the Freestyle and I wouldn't get as much as I do with the PISA. Also the Freestyle started to fail towards the end whereas I'm approaching the end of two years of pumping with my PISA and it is still going strong! If you were happy with the PISA before my advice would be not to switch. The main advantage of the Freestyle as tallmadre says is that it is light and portable. So if you need to carry around your pump a lot it has that going for it. I haven't pumped in the car (I also have a short commute) but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do so with the PISA in the passenger seat. Another thing is that the Freestyle has more parts to it, including the membranes which have lots of nooks and crannies, that need to be washed. I find it easier to wash the PISA parts.

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    Default Re: Medela Freestyle vs. Pump In Style - which do you prefe

    I liked my PISA, I always hear about the Freestyle burning out faster
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