Hi ladies. I nursed my son till 20 months (he self weaned when I was 20 weeks pregnant) and had a pretty substantial oversupply and oald. My new daughter was born two weeks ago, and happily I got the unmedicated delivery I wanted (no sleepy baby this time, she is a great nurser!) Except now at 2 weeks I'm choking her, spraying milk, etc. She can also get a full feed in 5 minutes off one breast, gulping away the whole time. I will say, she handles it better than her brother did- not fussy at all (but he is still ahem, spirited, haha) Anyway, I don't want to do any block feeding etc to correct this yet, but was just wondering if other people who had os in the past went on to have it for an extended period with the next baby? With my son I had it significantly most of the first year.