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    Where do you buy it and which kind is the best? How much do you take?

    I bought it in powder form from a site my SIL recommended. My first jar is running low and this time I want to order capsule/pill form as the powder tastes awful! The problems: this company only makes powder form so I can't make a straight switch and keep using the same brand AND I don't know how many mg I've been taking. I take 1tsp in warm milk 3-4 x per day, but the product doesn't say how many mg per dose, so when I switch to pills how much should I take?

    Thanks for any help! My IBCLC wouldn't recommend the shatavari, but my SIL's LC did, and she swears by it. So I've been taking it for several weeks and feel the need to continue as my supply has increased a little bit.

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    I don't have any experience with this herb. But I know you can buy empty gelatin capsules to fill yourself -- would that work for you? Then you could keep using the same supplier since it's working for you. There can be so much variation from one company to another with any unregulated supplement.

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