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Thread: pumping once a day

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    Default pumping once a day

    I am going back to school (i am a teacher) in less than 3 weeks. I will start work at 8:00 Due to my crazy schedule, I will only be able to pump during lunch at 12:45. I will get home to nurse Ds at 5:00.

    I cannot get away to pump more than once a day...there is no one to watch my class and I work in a small school.

    Will I lose my supply?

    Can I only pump once a day at work and still breastfeeed sucessfully?\

    I don't hink I have enough BM frozen to get through the first day of work? I have no idea how much my 3.5 month old will need? Should I supplement?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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    Default Re: pumping once a day

    Many mothers who are teachers are only able to pump once a day.

    You should be able to continue this one pumping each day as long as you want, and continue to nurse at night at on weekends as you want.

    When you first go back to work, and Mondays, you may feel a bit full, due to waiting to nurse.

    To provide enough milk for their children while they are apart, many teachers find that they need to pump at other times. They'll pump one side while baby nurses on the other, or will pump after baby is done nursing.

    Expect to spend at least part of your evening nursing your baby, too, as you reconnect to each other.

    Most infants will need 1-1.5oz per hour that they are separated from their mother. So, if your baby will be in daycare 9hrs/day, expect baby to eat ab out 9-14oz each day. Baby will probably be eating about as often as s/he eats at home.
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    Default Re: pumping once a day

    I would start(or continue?) pumping and freezing NOW so that you ARE in a good position to have freezer supplements to add if you find you are unable to get all that you need when you pump once a day! Good luck to you!

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