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Thread: Experience with Nursing Time Tea?

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    Default Experience with Nursing Time Tea?

    I'm not actually having a supply issue, but I thought the tea wouldn't hurt as an additional way to keep hydrated. Well, my 6 week old, who was previously cheerful and really never cried, started being really fussy for a few days. I finally thought it might be the tea and stopped, and while she is not quite the ridiculously chill newborn that she was, it's better.

    Of course it could just be coincidence, but I'm reluctant to re-challenge her to find out!

    This is the one I tried: http://www.fairhavenhealth.com/nursing-tea.html

    Just curious if anyone had a similar experience?

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    Default Re: Experience with Nursing Time Tea?

    I looked at the ingredients and didn't see the one which seems to be most problematic in terms of fussiness, which is fenugreek. But that doesn't mean that your experience wasn't different!

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