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Thread: Won't latch due to frustration

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    Question Won't latch due to frustration

    My supply is picking up (5 days pp) and I can occasionally get him to latch and suck but most times he refuses to latch and suck for more then a few seconds. Iv been pumping and giving him that but always try and get him to latch to me prior to giving the bottle. I don't want him to get"lazy" on the bottle and never attach to me again. Iv reached out to some lactation consultants for help but haven't heard back yet. Iv tried different positions and different environments. Being swaddled and unswaddled. I will try and calm him and once hes calm i try and reattach and that just makes him more frustrated which in turn makes me get emotional and frustrated. I would like nothing more then to be able to breast feed and am dedicated to doing so but can't seem to work out the kinks. Any advise on how to get him to latch easier and keep him there for a nursing session. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi cartermomma128 and welcome.

    Babies this age are just learning to breastfeed. As are their mommies. Even experienced breastfeeding moms usually go through a learning curve of several days or weeks with each new baby. Try to be patient with yourself and with baby. try to relax and not worry so much about if baby fusses. New babies fuss. If you need to supplement, do so, but keep amounts very small at a time. When/if you supplement, pump or hand express to stimulate the breasts and remove milk so your production is not harmed and you don't get engorged

    For encouraging a fussy baby to latch, it usually helps if you offer the breast very often. As much as possible, I suggest, get in a comfortable, supported position, maybe leaning back (laid back) on the couch or in a comfortable reclining chair or propped up on some pillows in the bed, etc-and hold baby on your chest, skin to skin if that is comfortable for you, if not, with baby lightly dressed with easy access to the breasts. Then bring baby to the breast at the earliest cues or even when there are no cues. Don't worry at this point how long baby nurses each time. That will normally vary. Just keep encouraging nursing with great frequency.

    Watch poops to make sure baby is getting enough. It would be good if baby was pooping at least 3 times a day at this point.

    some ideas- i suggest have someone read this info to you while you relax with baby if possible

    -laid back position http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

    feeding non latching baby http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ching_baby.pdf

    feeding cues http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...eding_cues.pdf

    hand expression http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf

    what to expect in the early weeks http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    help, baby won't nurse! http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

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    Default Re: Won't latch due to frustration

    Good job! You are a breastfeeding mother It's the greatest job in the world.

    Babies often respond to skin-to-skin with their mom. This is when baby is down to diaper only, Mom is bare chest. Just lay together like that. If your nipple is freely available, all the better. Maybe express a little milk so he can smell and taste it. See what happens!

    Doing this in a laid-back position really takes the pressure off the baby to "perform". This is when Mom is reclined, close to lying flat down. Have a few pillows under your shoulders and head. Baby is lying on your belly, belly-to-belly with you, like a baby bear His head is at your nipple, and he is looking up at you. His head can rest on your upper arm, and your arm can be supported by a pillow. This allow baby to control when he nurses, and there is no hand behind his back pushing him into you.

    Taking a soothing bath with baby can help encourage him to nurse. Have a helper hand you your baby after you are in the water. You can put his little behind in the water while you hold his head, then try to nurse right there in the tub!

    It takes babies a little bit sometimes, especially if the birth was rough, especially after a circumcision (not sure if either is the case for you).

    He will sense your calm and confidence and follow suit. Babies can totally sense that stuff!

    Good luck!

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    Unfortunately i do not have much more wisdom to add than the previous posters however i offer some words of encouragement. I can relate to your frustration and being emotional. My first round of breast feeding with my first child was an emotional roller coaster and all i did was cry day and night because i just could not figure it out. But eventually through words of encouragement that i found on this wonderful online comunity, i did not throw in the towel and my baby girl and i bf for a solid 13 months! So first of all i want to congratulate you on your precious bundle of joy and bravo for wanting to breast feed!! I know its rough right now but mama these ladies are here to help and support! just relax, it will get easier i promise and keep at it!! Go you!!! Xoxo

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