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    So I made it. I made it longer than I thought I would. After failing to make it past 6 months with my DD and all the struggles her and I had. I truly feared failing with my son but we made it. I have changed so many of my own views about breastfeeding along the way. With DD I was hiding in my house or away from anyone's view out of fear of someone seeing me and judging me. I only nursed the one way they showed me to do even though it never truly worked for us. This time with my son I asked so many questions looked in to different ways to breastfeed. The nurse after I had my son was shocked that each time she came in I seemed to be breastfeeding and in new positions to find out what worked best for us. I went from hiding out to nurse to NIP covered to uncovered because I just didn't want to have the fight to keep my son covered. I faced my worse fear someone confronting me with a negative view and I stood my ground. A year ago if you would have told me I would NIP uncovered or even past 12 months I would have thought you were crazy. I have a lot of you to thank for your story's or questions and responses to my questions. You all have help me make it this far helped me see I am not alone. I am more confident on so many levels because of the help and support I have found here. I wish I would have had this support when I had my daughter. I don't think I would have given up if I did. Heck when my mom told me I should start the night weaning I had the guts to inform her that I might enjoy more sleep but I am more than happy to miss it to get the extra cuddle time with my son since its the only time he holds still is for night feedings. Our day time feeding is him laying there kick or sitting up on my lap wiggling around or moving from one leg to the other or even standing. She started to push the issue saying how it would be good for him and I just told her It is our choice and I am going to do it when and how he wants to for as long as he wants to no matter what other people feel or say that she can keep on talking but it wouldn't change my mind all it would do is show she doesn't respect my choice by trying to push hers on me. That was the last time she brought it up and she has become very supportive of my choice. Breastfeeding has changed my life in so many ways and made it so much better than it was. Anyways here is to making it a year and still going strong. Thank you all so much for everything.

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    You've done a great job making it this far, mama. Keep up the good work.
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    Awesome! You should be really proud of yourself, mama. You may have gotten some encouragement here, but you did ALL the hard work.

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