First of all, when I first nightweaned, it was close to CIO. Dh went to her if she got REALLY worked up, but I pretty much "ignored" (cried with) her. I talked to her for several days before we did it and she completely understood what was going on. Before we did that, it was a week of what you describe; crying, everyone up, I was walking around with her and wrestling with her. If dh tended to her when she cried, she'd just get more angry. Finally dh pointed out that this attempt at nightweaning meant more crying and stress than using a "cry it out" method. It turned out that to be near her at night and not allow her to nurse was kind of teasing and frustrating her. But she was completely verbal and even agreed to the plan before we went ahead and did it. And dh DID go to her, but only if she was already really upset... otherwise we just let her fuss, whimper, whatever and she would actuall fall back to sleep most times. THE NEXT NIGHT she slept longer than she ever had! Then she slept longer the next night. But eventually the nightwaking returned. At that point, she was fine with me tending to her and even being brought into my bed halfway throught the night without nursing. She could, at that point, settle for a snuggle. She still asks to nurse and even cries a little sometimes. I ask her if she wants me to stay with her, she says yes, then I say that we need to sleep if she wants to stay with me. Sometimes she will then ask for a story or ask me to pick her boogers or whatever. Lately she just wants me to hold her hand while she drifts off and I always say yes to that... the other things, I'm pretty inconsistant about.