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Thread: I didn't mean to wean her...

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    Default I didn't mean to wean her...

    I always planned to bf for at least a year. But I started a new job when she was 3 1/2 months & I work in 10 different buildings & it was really hard to get away & find a place to pump, but I did it...for months. I would stand up in cold bathrooms with people knocking on the door & try to think good thoughts & pump away...but my supply went down so drastically...that when I did nurse her, she would eat & eat, then cry for more. Finally, after a feeding, I gave her a bottle of formula & she downed 6 oz. I would pump 3x/day and not be able to even pump 6 oz. all day. Anyways, now she rarely tries to nurse, only for about 2 minutes before she falls asleep. She's 7 months now. I'm not sure if I should just accept this as her natural weaning process or really try again to build up some sort of a supply.

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    How Can I Increase My Milk Supply?

    I'm pumping my milk to feed my baby, but my supply is going down. What can I do?

    Starting Over

    Read this links, it might help you some. Herbs like Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and Alfalfa can help boost your supply, but nothing works better than putting baby at the breast as much as possible.
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    It sounds like you have really made a great effort for your LO and like you are sad at the thought of weaning! I encourage you to check out the info Mami Kathy has provided and see if you can try some different things to increase supply if you are willing to continue the effort.
    Mostly, I just wanted to offer some more encouragement and kudos.


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