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Thread: 15-month old refusing solids

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    Default 15-month old refusing solids

    I have breastfed my daughter since day one and still continue to breastfeed. I tried solid food beginning at 6 months. She would eat only avocado despite trying all sorts of food (eating avocado only lasted a few weeks). I did the homemade route instead of jar food. All along the pediatrician has said just to keep offering her food which I have. Other than the avocado in the beginning she has ate some banana a handful of times (in the last 6 months, but nothing lately). I try to let her self-feed as she pushes my hand away and turns her head if I try to feed her. At this point I give her several options several times a day; fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, tiny pieces of meat, scrambled egg. Currently she is getting a molar in. The doctor said she may eat less so I don't know if I am battling that as well. I just can't help but feel there is something I am doing wrong. I try to feed her regular food before I breastfeed. I try to feed her when I am eating so she sees me eat. She has tried to feed me her food, so I feel she knows what it is that is on her tray ( as opposed to toys), as she frequently just plays with her food or throws it on the floor. Her weight is fine. I just worry because she doesn't even have one thing that she will eat consistently. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    At this stage, babies are still capable of being well-nourished by consuming mostly breastmilk with a few additional solids. Their eating patterns are inconsistent. Some days they will eat a lot of solids, other days nothing or next to it. And their food preferences will be all over the map. They may love beans (or whatever) one day, and then turn up their nose at them the next.

    It sounds like you are taking the exact right approach. Put a variety of healthy solids in front of your LO, and let her choose how, when, and how much to eat. She will eventually discover that she likes solids and will start eatngi them, I promise!

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