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Thread: sleeping through the night and breast feeding

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    Default sleeping through the night and breast feeding

    Hi ladies,
    I`m FTM and i`ve got a question.
    My 2.5 month old just started sleeping through the night, anywhere from midnight till 6-7 am. And even though Im so very happy she gives me plenty of sleep, I came upon another problem. By 6-7 am my breasts are engorged and painful and my DD is sound asleep, I have to wake her up at 6-7 am to feed, she takes one breast, I pump the other, (usually she takes both) and goes back to sleep till 9-10 am. I`m afraid that because of such long break my milk supply will decrease which is not that great to begin with. What should i do? Pump in the middle of the night and let baby sleep till maybe 9am?
    What are your thoughts?

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    If you weren't concerned about supply, I'd just say go with it and pump for comfort as needed when you wake up. If you have supply concerns, you might try "dream feeding" - offering to nurse without completely waking the baby. If that doesn't work, waking to pump might be worthwhile. But can I ask what your reason is for being concerned about low supply? There are a lot of things that people think mean they have low supply that are really normal.

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    I guess what I`m doing is sort of "dream feeding". I`m worried that theses 6-7 hours night breaks will hurt my supply. Or not? I`m ok with 6 am feeding and then going back to bed just dont want my milk to decrease.
    The reason I think my supply is not that good , I can only pump about 2 oz from each breast in the middle of the day (instead of feeding), when I pump first time in the morning after long night I get about 4 oz from the breast she didnt take.

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    Are you at home with the baby, and feeding on demand? If so, no need to worry about her sleeping through, since any decrease in nighttime supply will be compensated for by demand feeding during the day. If you're back at work, and relying on the pump during the day, then you may not want to allow your LO to sleep through the night, since you won't have her to boost supply during the day by increased demand.

    Your pump output is normal, BTW. Not low. Remember, breastfed babies only take about 2-4 oz at the breast when they nurse, and the pump is not as effective at getting milk from the breast as the baby is.

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    Yes i stay home with her and feed on demand, sometimes she eats every 2 hours once in a while she`d go 3.5
    Thank you for responds, ladies. Its so good to know that I have help) and support

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    Default Re: sleeping through the night and breast feeding

    My daughter is 7 weeks and just started going 5 to 6 hours in between feedings. When I wake up to feed her I feel your pain! I don't think I could go any longer and sometimes I will go pump, other times I am too sleepy to care. It's been a rough day--uncomfortable! I know it will balance out soon, but in the meantime she seems to be going through a growth spurt so maybe the excess milk is a blessing. I know I'm not helpful, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

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