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Thread: Pumping for the occational bottle

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    Default Pumping for the occational bottle

    Hello Ladies!!

    So I EBF my daughter for 14 months she is now 4 and I can't really remember pumping all that much for her. It seemed more of a hassle than anything since I was then and still am a SAHM. My baby boy will be six weeks this Friday! BF is going great! I started pumping about three weeks ago in the morning after his second feed about 8 or 9 not everyday but most I would say. I started out only getting 1 or 2 oz. total but it has been in increasing, today I got 5oz total. Most of the time I freeze it in Mommys milk bags but twice I just kept it in the bottle to take with me like once when I had a meeting at my sons school.

    I currently have 21oz frozen in 1-3 oz portions. So my question is do I keep pumping and storing every morning? I dont want to create an oversupply of frozen milk ( I know it only lasts 3 months in there) but I dont want my body to regulate milk just for what he needs then if I do need to pump I am taking from what should be for him.... I know it will come in handly when we start cereal but thats a ways off.

    Any advice or suggestions? The only thing I can come up with is keep pumping and if it gets close to the three month mark donate some of it?

    Again I am a stay at home mom with no plans to go back to work until after his first birthday.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Default Re: Pumping for the occational bottle

    Sounds like things are going great for you!

    In order to donate through a milk bank, you would need to be pre-screened and commit to donating at least 100 oz over the entire the time that you are donating. (Check those stats). My point is that it would be difficult to donate on a whim, but you might have already realized that

    One concern some moms have is that if they pump every day, they might become dependent on the pump.

    Another concern moms have is if they give a bottle of pumped milk, they would need to pump while the baby takes the bottle, in order to maintain supply. Other moms give bottles so infrequently that they are not concerned about one missed feeding in a week.

    Some moms find it is more convenient to go ahead and nurse when they are out and about, rather than pack a bottle, keep it cold, then heat it when they get to the location, etc.

    You can give the milk you do pump to your older child before it expires. Pour it on cereal or give it cold in a milk. She might not realize it's mommy's milk she's getting! Lots of antibodies -- give it to her if she's sick!

    You mentioned that you didn't want to regulate to just what your baby needed, so if you did need to pump, you'd be taking away from him. The good news is that your body makes milk "on demand" and pumping an occasional bottle when you hadn't been pumping would actually be okay. You could pump in the morning like you'd been doing, or during nap. Your baby might add another nursing session that day, though.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Pumping for the occational bottle

    Great advice!! Thank you!! Never even thought of giving it to my daughter!!!

    Jacob 2.2.04 FF due to lack of support (biggest regret in life)
    Abigail 12.7.08 ~ BF 14 months
    Nicholas 12.21.12 ~ EBF

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