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Thread: Sleeping through the night equals morning barfing???

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    Default Sleeping through the night equals morning barfing???

    Hi, I am quite stumped by a recent development. My little guy (5mths old) has been fairly consistent eating at 8:30pm, then sleeping until 5am, feeding and then returning to sleep until 8:30am.
    However, over the past week, he has stopped waking for the 5am feed, and sleeps right until 8 or 8:30 am. However, it seems like now that he does this, as soon as he finishes his morning feed (of approx 10 mins on one side). He has a burp, and then a huge barf. This is fairly large and covers his entire burp cloth, bibb and most of my shirt. Anyone has any experience with this situation? This did not happen when he was feeding at 5am.....

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated. It is also worth noting that he is very happy and smiley after the barf, not upset. But then I do end up feeding him again 30mins later (with no barfing) as I fear he has no food left in his tummy to tide him over till the next feed.

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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night equals morning barfing???

    My guess would be that you are super full at that morning feed because your body hasn't adjusted to missing that early morning feeding yet. This causes the milk to come out really fast and baby gulps it down and just gets over-filled.

    I think it will probably resolve on its own. If baby's new sleep pattern continues, your body will adjust, and if it doesn't, you'll go back to feeding earlier. Either way, you won't be as full.

    In the meantime, if you want to try to avoid the barf (which, if he's happy, is more of a laundry problem than a medical one ) you could try unlatching and letting that initial strong spray go into a towel, burp cloth, or collect it in a bottle or cup. Though at that point, if baby is hungry he might object.
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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night equals morning barfing???

    I agree with still.here, but I would add that 12 hours is a very long time between nursing sessions for a 5 month old. His tummy must be very very empty by 8am which might add to the tendency to vomit. I would suggest dreamfeeding at some point in the night if he has truly given up that morning session.

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