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Thread: Traveling without baby - clogged duct

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    Default Traveling without baby - clogged duct

    Hi all -

    I am unfortunately traveling without my baby, and trying to pump as often as I can. So far, I've been able to pump every 2.5-3 hours, although that has been pretty hard to swing with meetings. Things seem to be going pretty well supply-wise, but over the last day, I noticed that there is a "lumpy section" on one of my breasts that I cannot get to let down. I think this might have developed overnight (my 5 mo old still eats quite often at night, but I only woke up once, after 4 hours, to pump).

    I've tried using some heat before pumping, when possible, and doing some massage and power pumping, but nothing gives. I've still got two days to be away from my daughter, and I really don't want this to turn into an infection. Any suggestions out there?

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    Default Re: Traveling without baby - clogged duct

    Just keep doing what you're doing. Heat, massage, warm water soaks (try taking a long shower right before pumping). Also, inspect the surface of the nipple- there may be a bleb or blister there that's preventing the milk from coming out. If nothing works, and you happen to be extra flexible (or have really big, floppy breasts), you may be able to suck the milk out yourself. (Don't laugh, I've done it. )

    Hope it resolves soon!

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    Default Re: Traveling without baby - clogged duct

    my best trick was massaging in a hot bath. If you have a manual pump, you could do it in the bath, but don't use any electric pump in or near water. You'd want to do that right after the bath/massage combination.

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