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Thread: Severe discomfort in 5 month old - gas/teeth/reflux/strike?

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    Default Severe discomfort in 5 month old - gas/teeth/reflux/strike?

    DD3 has gone from high needs to unbearably fussy in the last 5 days. She is so clearly seriously in pain. The pain comes and goes, she tucks her knees up to her chest over and over while screaming and grunting for up to about half an hour, then is otherwise a happy baby. This goes on all day, but at random intervals. She sleeps about 1.5 hours at a time at night then needs to be soothed back to sleep but frequently refuses the breast lately.

    -Pulling away/arching away from breast during feeds for about 10 days now. Can be soothed then returned to the breast about 10 minutes later.
    -Stopped pooping for about 3 days (wouldn't think twice about this if it didn't coincide with sudden increase in what seems like gas pain - knees up, whole body tense, looks like she's in agony).
    -Doctor checked ears yesterday - they're fine.
    -No sign of teeth, but does gnaw on things. Just not sure if it could cause pseudo-constipation.

    The doctor wasn't my normal pediatrician. Mine is on vacation until mid-February. But he suggested looking into Zantac. I'm wary of going with meds, since her weight gain is awesome, but holy cow she is in so much pain. I don't know what to make of this. I've never seen teething this intense, and DD1 was a seriously fussy teething baby.

    Do I chalk it all up to teeth? Am I eating something funky? Can't think of anything new, but she needs something to change and I just want to help. Thanks.

    ETA: I should add that I am on the border of mastitis lately with constant plugged ducts because she is refusing so frequently. I am trying to pump some to even things out but I have a history of oversupply and don't want to overdo pumping so mostly I just take a hot shower and hope for the best, but she isn't taking as much milk as she had been, though her wet diapers are still good in frequency.
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